Certified Information Systems Auditor role & methodology
Course Overview

Budding auditors on the verge of carving a successful career path can ease their path with Certified Information Systems Auditor training is regarded as one of the worldwide renowned credentials offered by ISACA. IT auditors, audit managers, consultants and security professionals well-grounded in instituting IT controls in an organization’s environment are ideal for this training. Candidates can hone their expertise by upgrading and appraising IT auditor’s knowledge, expertise and skill to assess vulnerabilities. With meticulous training in CISA, the candidates will learn to analyze, evaluate and monitor the practices and structure of the IT service management respectively. They will ascertain how to ensure IT continuity, resilience and change and effectively release the management operations.

Key Responsibilities:

The primary duties of a CISA professional are to ensure to perform the following duties:

  • Interpreting the compliance policies for auditing and complying to an organization's set of standards and objectives.
  • Ascertain that the IT assets are secured, managed and valuable planning of audits.
  • Executing revaluation of audits to ensure actions have been performed by the management.

This course fulfills training requirements for the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification.
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In order to enroll for this training program, candidates must ensure to have a minimum of 5 years of professional work experience in handling the information systems auditing, control or security etc.

Key Benefits

  • Candidates can gain significant knowledge for the CISA exam.
  • Get knowledge of markets and quantifies.
  • Complete emphasis will be given on the process of auditing the information systems.
  • Learn the role of IT Governance, Systems and Infrastructure Life cycle Management.
  • Understand the key roles needed for IT Service Delivery and Support.
  • Perform CISA Role to Protect the Information Assets.

Why choose online training?

  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Certificates on completion
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Case studies
  • Scenario based learning
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities
  • Trainer Support 24/7


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