Certified Application Security Engineer. Java

In today’s time, organizations are always in hunt of professionals skilled at creating meticulous and secure applications. Certified professionals are always referred for executing these tasks effortlessly. If you are one of those application engineers or software analysts who are willing to upgrade their skill set in.Java, you must enrol for Certified Application Security Engineer. Java online training!

This training programme details the candidates with the necessary security activities required for the phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). They will learn how to plan, create, fully test and deploy the application. Furthermore, candidates will learn the following aspects:

  • Application Security, Threats and attacks
  • Needed Security Requirements
  • Secure Application Design and Architecture
  • Coding practices for Cryptography
  • Secure coding practices for Input Validation
  • Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST)

The CASE certified training program will equip candidates with a fully comprehensive application security course which will help make secure and reliable applications.

Certified Application Security Engineer. Net

The certified Application Security Engineer which is commonly referred as (CASE). Professionals having a CASE credential prove that they have the needed critical security skills and knowledge needed to execute a typical software development life cycle (SDFLC) that gives pure focus on the importance of implementation of secure methodologies and practices needed in today’s dynamic operating environment.

In this comprehensive training, candidates will develop the understanding of the needed procedures and methodologies for CASE credential. The candidates will gain the insights for managing application security, threats and attacks, learn about the practices needed for input validation etc.

In order to enroll into certification, candidate must have an either of eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate must be an expert in ECSP (.NET/Java) member
  • Have a demonstrated working experience of a minimum 2 years in either InfoSec or Software domain
  • Fetch industry related certification like GSSP like .NET/Java.

Certified Ethical Hacker

One of the lucrative career options in the IT industry is Ethical Hacking. Unlike malicious hackers, their role is to monitor the vulnerabilities of an organization’s systems and its network. Accordingly, they frame solutions to minimize the scope of data breaches. Ethical hackers are always in-demand. To become one, professionals who have garnered good 2-3 years of experience in IT security experience.

Certified Ethical Hacking program is a comprehensive ethical hacking certification most suitable for IT professionals. This training aims to guide candidates with ethical hacking methodologies and provide the basics of penetration testing and ethical hacking situations. Aspirants can gain a comprehensive overview of the foundational tools, techniques and skills needed for becoming an effective hacker.

After completion of the foundational program, candidates can head on to become a professional who can easily inspect network infrastructures. CEH is in the first of a series 3 comprehensive courses of (CEH, ECSA and APT course) to aid cyber security professional master penetration testing.

Certified Network Defender

Data breaches, hacking, data misused is no phenomenon to hear. While hackers hijack the continuity of smooth data flow, there are network defenders who detect, respond and safeguard it. So, if you are flared at maintaining and securing one’s network then Certified Network Defender is a surefire training you must enroll. SLI’s exclusive Certified Network Defender training aims at providing comprehensive insights on the construction of data transfer, network technologies, software technologies etc. to handle all kinds of network defense. The aspiring professionals will learn how to analyze subjects, material, develop knowledge of fundamental concepts of network defense and learn about the application of network security controls, protocols etc. This training serves as a roadmap to help Network administrators foster resilience and promote continual improvement of operations.

Who should attend it?

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Network Security Administrators
  • CND Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Operator

Certified Secure Computer User

In today’s technological arena, it is a must to have a good knowledge of computers. Since the inception of computers and the internet, our lifestyle, workstyle and education has been influenced with the wave of it, we must keep pace with it. If you’re keen to learn how to securely browse, be aware of the malware and antivirus and understand how the internet security works, you must enroll to EC-Council Certified Secure Computer User training.

This training will cover all the essential knowledge and skills to safeguard their information assets. It will cover the foundational concepts of the malicious cybercrime activities such as identity theft, credit card scams, phishing scams, backdoors and viruses, e-mail hoaxes or other social engineering that can hamper the organization’s security infrastructure.

Course Highlights:

  • Learning to Secure Devices
  • Internet Security
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • How to provide Security in Social media
  • Safeguarding Cloud services
  • Securing Network connections

Certified SOC Analyst

Data breach hits harder to the spine of any organization. Companies who want to safeguard their company’s data from potentially irking cyber threats/attacks There is always a SOC Analyst who monitors and detects potential threats, assess alerts and revoke them in every possible way. Without a certified SOC Analyst, organizations would find it hard to resist the constantly changing cybersecurity threats.

Aspiring professionals keen to carve a niche as a certified SOC Analyst can register for EC-Council Certified SOC Analyst online training programme. It covers the fundamentals of the SOC operations, manages SOC processes and develops a healthy understanding of CSIRT as or when required.

After successful completion of training, you will attain mastery in the enlisted below:

  • Learn about the SOC processes, procedures, technologies and workflows.
  • Develop the knowledge of the Centralised Log Management(CLM) process.
  • Perform Security events, log collection monitoring analysis.
  • Get extensive knowledge of Security Information and Event management.
  • Administer SIEM solutions such as Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK)

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst

Organizations and businesses are prone to vulnerabilities of cyber security- the satanic, malicious acts that hinder the smooth functioning of data, steal or disrupt it digitally. There are various kinds of cyber threats such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, Wiper Attacks, Intellectual Property Theft and several others that attack vectors. To safeguard the company from potential risks and mitigate the scope of threats and interruptions, having a certified professional is a must.

If you have the caliber of understanding of handling cyber threats or want to enhance your knowledge about cyber attacks, you can enroll for EC-Council's Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst training program at SLI. It provides thorough knowledge of dealing with cyber-threats and details candidates with the advanced strategies needed to extract intelligence.

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst training program uses a holistic approach and covers all the vital concepts from planning the threat intelligence project. The training is made by complying to government and industry published threat intelligence frameworks.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

The inception of technology has its bane and boon. While the Internet has provided us with an arsenal of convenient options, there is always a hindering pace of crimes that can result in terrible loss. Data breaches, dark web is not new to us, information is enormously misused in the sphere. There is always a need for Computer Investigation techniques being used by top-notch private organizations.

Chiefly, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator is responsible for providing analysis techniques to determine legal evidence. The CHF investigator can pull out an array of methods to discover data residing in computer systems to recover deleted, encrypted or damaged file information referred to as computer data recovery. Candidate can demonstrate their desired skills of locating intruder’s footprints and gather required evidence to prosecute as per the law.

EC-Council Advanced Penetration Testing

Professionals who have attained key expertise in Penetration testing can make their experience count with EC-Council Advanced Penetration Testing. It is ideal online training for experts who have garnered reasonable security testing skills.

The candidate will learn how to demonstrate advanced concepts that include analysing defences, pivoting between networks, deploying proxy chains and using web shells. The aspiring candidate will understand how to use advanced pen testing techniques and tools such as SSH tunnelling, host-based application exploits, web application etc. All the concepts would be taught based on real-life scenario over hardened machines, networks and applications respectively. The candidates will learn how to resolve complex scenario problems.

This online programme is built for candidates who have garnered advanced penetrating skills. Here is the list of suitable professionals who could fetch outstanding career opportunities out of this training:

  • Penetration Testers
  • IT Auditors
  • Network Administrators
  • Information Security Engineers
  • Security Consultants

EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist

Students or professionals keen in building their careers in cryptography can enroll for an exclusive EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist program that focuses upon guiding the candidates about the foundation of cryptography and modern symmetry. Candidates will be acquainted with an in-depth detailing of the algorithms such as Feistel Networks, DES and AES etc.

After completion of this online training, candidates can prove their prowess in cryptography and deploy the needed technology as or when required by the company they are associated with. Mainly, this training is best suitable for hardcore ethical hackers and penetration testing professionals.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about the different kinds of encryption standards and how they distinguish from each other.
  • Upgrade pen-testing knowledge used in encryption
  • Make the right deployment of encryption technologies.
  • Get an overview of algorithms like Blowfish, Twofish and Skipjack etc.
  • Learn about different hashing algorithms such as MD5, MD6, SHA, Gost, RIPMD 256 and others.

EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Incident Handler is a professional who is capable of handling any unexpected events. The professional can handle crucial activities of an organization to identify, evaluate and provide correct hazards to prevent any kind of future recurrence.

The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler certification is aimed at providing fundamental skills for handling and responding to computer security incidents in an information system. This programme is exclusively designed by collaborating cybersecurity and incident handling together.

This specialist-level programme focuses upon educating candidates with skills needed by the organization to handle post-breach consequences. The candidates will learn to minimize the impact of incidents from a financial and reputational perspective.

This certification is best suitable for candidates willing to upgrade their knowledge about incident handling and response. Following enlists the best suitable professionals for this programme:

  • Risk Assessment administrators
  • Penetration Testers
  • Cyber Forensic Investigators
  • Assessment auditors
  • System administrators
  • System Engineers, Network Engineers
  • IT Professionals, IT Managers

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

Organizations are always in hunt of professionals who could safeguard their crucial line of systems. For catering such issues, experts like Security analysts are crucial to have. They are well equipped with the methodology to conduct an extensive penetration testing for an enterprising client. If you are a hardcore ethical hacker who has attained mastery in executing an arsenal of hacking tools and create customized hacking code, you must enroll to EC- Council Certified Security Analyst training program.

Professionals who have enrolled for the Certified Ethical Hacking program cancan climb on the ladder and become a certified Security Analyst with EC-Council. The program details the tools and techniques taken up in (CEH) course and upgrade’s one’s ability to implement the skills with a detailed penetration testing methodology.

Who should enroll for this course?

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Firewall Administrators
  • Security Testers
  • Penetration Testers
  • System Administrators and Risk Assessment Professionals
  • Network Server Administrators

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist

In any organization, information is a vital component. Without the existence of the information, businesses would fail to survive. Information security is an essential part wherein information processing, communications are wholly protected against any kind of unforeseen circumstances. Organizations always upkeep a special position for professionals who can cater to providing information security.

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS) is the step one to the ladder of security programmes. It covers the fundamental concepts of information security, computer forensics and network security respectively. This training programme aims to provide for a holistic approach regarding the components of information security, computer forensics and network security. This training programme is best suited for candidates who want to build their career in the Cyber security domain.

By enrolling to this course, the candidate will get an in-depth overview of the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Information Security Threats and attacks
  • Learn to defend against password cracking
  • Get an overview about defending against password cracking
  • Understand how to create concise Computer Forensics Report

EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional

For any kind of business or organization, being adaptable and dynamic is a must. To sustain businesses, it is a must to plan, curate and implement concise disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Companies are always in hunt of such professional who could work in a hectic frame.

If you have the right kind of discipline, you must enrol for EC-Council exclusive Disaster Recovery Professional training. It is aimed at guiding the candidate with the strategies for planning, strategizing, implementing and maintaining the business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Candidates will learn the science of conducting effective business impact analysis, evaluating risks, developing effective policies and procedures and making corrective plans.

Moreover, candidates will polish their understanding to fully secure the data by using the policies and procedures in plan. They will understand how to recover and restore the organization’s critical data in the unforeseen cases of a disaster. By getting trained and certified in Disaster Recovery will open up an arsenal of career options for the candidates. As, they will attain mastery in understanding the situation, make the best possible solutions and safeguard the business and minimize the impact of the disaster.

EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester

EC- Council Licensed Penetration Tester training is focused on providing diversified knowledge of penetration testing. The training validates the knowledge base of professionals to curate effective resting reports. The LPT Master training allows the candidate to understand how to perform a professional level penetrating testing.

The bonus to candidates after learning from the online training would be that they would develop an instinctual and intellectual response to the real-world penetration testing challenges.

Who should attend?

This training program is best suitable for candidates who match either of the following prerequisites.

  • The candidate must have ECSA/ECSA (Practical) or LPT certification


  • The candidate must have a minimum of2 years of working experience in pen-testing.


  • Candidate must have the approved industry certifications like OSCP or GPEN cert.